It’s still rack-n-roll to me

Sometimes I think about all those people out there with their nifty little "craft rooms" and "gift-wrap stations," largely commercialized by the Martha Stewarts of the world.  And sometimes -- in my head -- I secretly make fun of them, telling myself that it is all just gratuitous luxury for people with too much time and money on their hands.  (But also secretly -- I'm just plain jealous!) 🙂 So while I'm working my way up to admitting that I want this... and figuring out a way to make it happen, I've discovered a great way to house rolls of wrapping paper in a very simple and inexpensive way -- via free-standing wine racks.

Wine rack for wrapping paper

Okay, I know what you're thinking.  Didn't this chic JUST talk about wine racks in one of her last posts -- for storing rolled magazines?  Why yes, yes I did.  Who knew how much one could be inspired by wine... er... wine racks. 🙂 This idea actually came to me a while back, when I moved into a house with this lovely rack sitting in a closet.  (Sadly), I didn't have nearly enough wine bottles to fill it, so I started thinking of ways to repurpose it. Prior to using the wine rack for my wrapping paper, I stored my rolls in horizontal plastic bins and containers -- one for the long rolls... one for the short rolls... one for Christmas... one for birthdays.  Before I knew it, I was laden with bins... or is that bin-laden?  (Okay, bad joke. :-)) Regardless, you get the picture.  This was taking up a lot of space, bin-wise, and some of the rolls were just standing against my closet walls -- anxious to fall out whenever I opened the door. Plus, whenever I wanted to find a roll, I would have to pull out all the bins, open each one, and do a seek-and-find.  This did not bode well for my impatient temperament. So I found peace in marrying the practical with the pretty and using my wine rack for my wrapping paper rolls -- standing them upright.  Now the rack sits in my finished basement, next to a counter, and allows me to easily store and see what I have, making quick work for my wrapping projects. While I may continue to secretly dream of having a glorious craft room, all pimped out with various crafting stations, multi-tiered shelving, and proper task-lighting, I can get some comfort in using my repurposed wine rack.  Oh... and drinking wine. 🙂    
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