Time to stick your neck out

Ah, the birds are starting to chirp again, signaling Spring will soon be here.  And although many of us are still wearing our warm, wintry scarves amidst cool weather, it’s time to think about a lighter version of neckwear — scarves which are more along the lines of head and neck adornments rather than warm outerwear.

What I love about scarves is the fact that they can be an inexpensive ($10-$15 range) and easy way to change or enhance your entire look.  And your outfit can go from funky to sleek in seconds.  Their versatility in WHERE (neck, waist, hair) and HOW you wear them gives you yet another reason to invest in this wardrobe essential.

Right now, Target has some great lightweight spring/summer scarves on sale.  Here are a few of my faves — the first one a black-and-white geometric design and the second a light blue skull pattern (who says skulls have to be goth?). 🙂

Target Geometric ScarfTarget Blue Skull Scarf







Old Navy also has a slew of scarves which you may want to check out, some of which are gauzy, while others are cotton jersey or linen.  See below.

OldNavy Pink-Orange ScarfOldNavy blue-yellow scarf








World Market never fails to please with a variety of unique scarves — whether you are drawn to a more rich paisley print with fringe or a romantic vintage floral, as shown below.

WorldMarket - rust and turquoise scarfWorldMarket - pink and green floral scarf







For some additional inspiration on the many ways to wear a scarf, visit The Knot Library.  And try wearing them as a headband or belt!


Photo credits:  Target B&W geometric scarfTarget light blue skull scarfOld Navy pink and orange scarfOld Navy blue and yellow infinity scarfWorld Market orange and turquoise paisley scarfWorld Market ivory, pink and green floral scarf.

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One thought on “Time to stick your neck out

  1. Once again I’ve learned something new – who knew World Markey had cool scarves! I’ll definitely be checking it out! Thanks Christy!

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