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I am not a carpenter, nor will I ever be. But I love solid wood furniture in homes for their timeless beauty and sturdiness. The problem is, when you have a small space, it is often difficult to find quality-crafted wood pieces (especially vintage ones) that are not bulky and oversized for your area. And if you’re not handy with tools and woodworking, you’re not apt to carve out your own solution-piece from scratch.

One particular area with which I see many people struggle — whether in their first starter home/apartment or when trying to scale down to more minimalist living — is the foyer or entryway. This is your home’s first impression, where family and guests are welcomed, and you want it to be warm and inviting. A foyer table or console is a great way to help accomplish your goal, whether accompanied by a mirror or pictures, or adorned with plants, candles, or a lamp. So how do you find a quality wood foyer table that fits your narrow entryway and small budget?

Repurposed headboards! Now when I say “repurposed,” again, I’m not suggesting that you get out your saw and measuring devices. My solution is simple: Take an old headboard, preferably one with some built-in shelving, and use it as your new foyer table. Painting is optional. Wood headboards, of all varieties, are easily found on CraigsList and at yardsales, for scant dollars. They are naturally slim in depth, and the length can be whatever works best for you (twin, full, queen, king).

While I love Ikea and similar stores that offer fabricated wood or particle board furniture, catering to those who like simple designs without breaking the bank, I guess I am a traditionalist when it comes to certain areas of your home where you are setting the stage and tone, such as your entryway. If you’re going to choose something with a bit more workmanship and quality, why not here?

Of course, you can do much more with headboards in other places in which your home needs similar narrow furniture solutions: As a media console to house your flat screen TV or as a sofa table (between your sofa and wall) to hold a small lamp, a drinking glass, or books, for instance.

This is an easy afternoon project that anyone can do, that frees up your space, time, and dollars for other things. Narrow solutions for open minds!

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headboard entry-way table

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