Update to “Accessible accessories” — Bring back the bling

This blog post falls under the category of “better late than never.”  By that, I mean that it’s taken me over a year to keep my promise of actually ditching my unsightly old jewelry cabinet in lieu of a more creative way to display my baubles.

The cabinet, which I referenced in my earlier post, “Accessible Accessories,” screamed ’80s country oak catastrophe, devoid of charm, taste, or beauty.  In fact, it was so ugly (“How ugly was it?”) that I draped linens on top of it and relegated it to hidden corner of my sitting room, as if I had put it in Timeout.  Then, because it was “out of sight, out of mind,” I never opened it up and stopped wearing jewelry!  You may think I’m kidding for comedic effect but, unfortunately, this is a true story of my decline from bling to boring — all because I procrastinated an easy project!

So this weekend, with a bit more time on my hands, I unloaded my jewelry cabinet, apologized to my long-neglected lovely things, and decided to proudly display them so they would be easy to see and select forevermore.  A wooden-framed chalkboard was the unlikely hero which came to the rescue and became the backdrop for my new arrangement.


This was one of the easiest, most inexpensive projects I’ve ever done — merely using push pins at the top of the wooden frame and hanging my necklaces of varying lengths upon each pin.  Not only are the necklaces easy to see, but they look like an elegant tapestry of color and texture against the black background. And no more tangles!

I placed my bracelets, rings, and brooches in the small metal bins at the bottom of the chalkboard where you would normally find chalk and erasers.

Whatever happened to the Cabinet of Shame?  She currently sits curbside where, no doubt, some junk peddler will nab it in the night, thinking he’s found a gem…er…gem cabinet which will sell quickly at his store.  Meanwhile, my jewelry is happy and free from its confines, and I’m gonna bring the bling like never before. 🙂



Cool organization solutions for cool-weather scarves

Fall is my favorite season. Crisp weather, hot coffee, vibrant trees… and lots and lots of scarves to add some fashion flair to our outfits! Over the years, my collection of scarves has grown, but my storage space hasn’t. So this year, with scarves literally hanging around (and all over) my bedroom, I researched some ways to organize them.

Over the door towel rack with shower curtain hooks

Over-the-door towel rack with shower curtain hooks

Coat hanger with shower curtain hooks

Coat hanger with shower curtain hooks

Upcycled ladder turned scarf rack

Upcycled ladder turned scarf rack

Drawer cubbies (even with cut PVC pipes!)

Drawer cubbies (even with cut PVC pipes!)

All of these methods are easy, inexpensive, and take little time. Have any other scarf organization ideas? Send them my way!

Photos Credits: Towel rack; Hanger; Tension rods; Ladder; Drawer cubbies

Time to stick your neck out

Ah, the birds are starting to chirp again, signaling Spring will soon be here.  And although many of us are still wearing our warm, wintry scarves amidst cool weather, it’s time to think about a lighter version of neckwear — scarves which are more along the lines of head and neck adornments rather than warm outerwear.

What I love about scarves is the fact that they can be an inexpensive ($10-$15 range) and easy way to change or enhance your entire look.  And your outfit can go from funky to sleek in seconds.  Their versatility in WHERE (neck, waist, hair) and HOW you wear them gives you yet another reason to invest in this wardrobe essential.

Right now, Target has some great lightweight spring/summer scarves on sale.  Here are a few of my faves — the first one a black-and-white geometric design and the second a light blue skull pattern (who says skulls have to be goth?). 🙂

Target Geometric ScarfTarget Blue Skull Scarf







Old Navy also has a slew of scarves which you may want to check out, some of which are gauzy, while others are cotton jersey or linen.  See below.

OldNavy Pink-Orange ScarfOldNavy blue-yellow scarf








World Market never fails to please with a variety of unique scarves — whether you are drawn to a more rich paisley print with fringe or a romantic vintage floral, as shown below.

WorldMarket - rust and turquoise scarfWorldMarket - pink and green floral scarf







For some additional inspiration on the many ways to wear a scarf, visit The Knot Library.  And try wearing them as a headband or belt!


Photo credits:  Target B&W geometric scarfTarget light blue skull scarfOld Navy pink and orange scarfOld Navy blue and yellow infinity scarfWorld Market orange and turquoise paisley scarfWorld Market ivory, pink and green floral scarf.

As good as gold

Yellow is a fabulous color. Energetic, warm, fun.  But you may not feel comfortable wearing it because you think it’s too bold.  Or maybe you love the color but don’t like to wear it near your face if it doesn’t complement your skin tone.  If either is the case, consider incorporating the color into your wardrobe through skirts or pants.

yellow skirt

Many yellows, or golds/mustards, can act as a semi-neutral when paired with other colors.  Although pigment-rich, it is highly versatile in its ability to pair with other shades and is also a color which is easy to dress up or down.  Whether wool in winter or a silk or cotton-blend in the warmer months, it can be a new staple in your wardrobe which goes a long way — and, thus, is a good investment.

What can you mix with it?  White t-shirts or blouses…. navy or brown blazers… patterned shirts with a variety of colors…  a jean jacket.  What about a grey, ivory or black sweater?  Even maroon or turquoise can be a great complement as long as you choose the right hue.  If you want to play it safe, keep the top very neutral and add a colorful necklace, scarf, or shoes.

GM6 - mustard jeansman with mustard pants






Finding this color in the stores is particularly easy right now, since it’s been trending this season.  Discount department stores, such as Old Navy and Target, have plenty of styles from which to choose, including skinny jeans, corduroys, and pencil skirts. It’s also a great time to get a near end-of-season bargain with wool.  I recently bought a designer mustard wool skirt on clearance for $15 at TJ Maxx.  Cha-ching!

So lose the excuse that you’re not young enough, confident enough, or too “creatively challenged” to wear this lovely color.  It can be as cool or as classic as you style it.  Make it work for YOU!


Photo credits:  Three skirt ensembles from Polyvore.  Polka-dot blouse and yellow pants from Delusions of Grandeur.  Dark denim jacket and mustard pants compliments of Man Up Style.