Clutter chaos? Pick a pocket

A couple of years ago, I conducted a little domestic experiment. I decided to not “pick up” sundry items lying around the house and see how long they stayed there. You know, miscellaneous things left out on the kitchen counters… tables… floors. I could only stand it a week when I realized that if I wasn’t proactively being the Tidy Tyrant, I would quickly find myself living in Clutter Castle.

Tired of being the consummate pick-up artist, I figured out how to get my messy family members to “put away” before Mama became “put out.” Enter: Over-the-door pocket organizers.

Do I want these plastic contraptions hanging over ALL of my doors? No way. Do I want them in discreet locations to keep their socks and my sanity intact? Hell, yes!

And so it came to be.

MittensWant one inside a coat/shoe closet to house:

  • Winter gear (mittens, toboggans, scarves, earmuffs, ice scraper)
  • Small sports gear (volleyball knee pads, soccer socks, swim goggles, baseball caps) or
  • General outdoor gear (sunglasses, binoculars, camera, sunscreen, visors, bug spray)? Why, yes, please.

    Or how about one on the back of the kids’ bedroom doors to organize Transformers or stuffed animals? Lovely. I’ll take two.Transformers
    Need a simple way to organize school supplies or craft/art paraphernalia? Boom! Slap one on the inside of a pantry door near a kitchen table and, voila — instant harmony in your humble abode.

    school stuff

  • So I say to all of you out there: Get it together! No, wait… correction: Let THEM get it together. Just buy the plastic pocketed “enablers” and make it easy for even the most rebellious of your lot to stay clean and clutter-free.


    Photograph credits: The Happy Housewife, Day Crafts, and Org Junkie