It’s a piece of cake

This pre-Valentine’s Day post is dedicated to my sweet son, Jack, who suffers from severe food allergies.   vday cupcake

If any of you suffer from food allergies or know someone who does, finding good SAFE recipes can be a nightmare.  And the more ingredient exclusions you have, the harder it gets.  Appropriate baked goods can be particularly difficult to find or make due to the fact that they frequently contain the most-common food allergens — milk, wheat, eggs, and nuts.

My son suffers from two life-threatening allergies — eggs and nuts.  Luckily, he is a great sport and has been my willing guinea pig over the years in trying “alternative” recipes with many deviations or substitutions.  One super-simple cake recipe we use is good enough for anyone, regardless of whether you have food allergies, and may be especially appreciated by busy parents like me.

Take a store-bought cake mix* and add 12 ounces of soft drink (e.g., a can or small bottle).  No other ingredients required.  Bake according to the directions on the box.

That’s it!  No eggs, no milk, no oil.  The result is a very moist, delicious cake (or cupcakes), whipped up in a jiffy!  You can use any type of cake mix* and any type of soda, even diet — with no diet after-taste. 🙂

While it may not win awards for “most decadent cake of the year”… or be praised for its all-natural ingredients or old-fashioned homeade preparation, it sure works well for me and my family, as well as many friends who have followed suit.

Happy easy baking — without an Easy-Bake Oven — especially as we head into Valentine’s Week! 🙂


*For those suffering from or cooking for those with food allergies, please read the cake box ingredients to ensure that the cake mix itself does not contain the offending allergen ingredients.